Note: until we get around to adding more to this manual, check out this gameguide written by forum member Barbalute.

You may also be interested in the helpful ZM video tutorials that JossiRossi is in the process of creating.


Installation of Zombie Master is simple - download the Zip file, and place the folder in [your Steam installation]\SteamApps\SourceMods\

In the case of patching, simply unzip the patch folder into that same SourceMods directory. Not in the zombie_master directory.

Getting Into a Game

Zombie Master should appear in your Steam games list. Double click it to load it.

Be sure to set your key configuration in options, and set your player details.

In "Find servers", if any Zombie Master games are currently playing, simply double click one to join!

Hosting a Game

Hosting a game is slightly more difficult. You'll need to forward certain ports (the same required as for Half-Life 2 Deathmatch) and have a fast enough machine and connection to support players joining.

In the case of a listen server, it's best to set the maximum players to something low, like 5, as the game puts quite a bit of strain on a connection and a system.

For a dedicated server, you can download the Linux Dedicated Server from the site, or run a standard Windows Dedicated Server.

General Rules

Zombie Master is a round-based game, in which one player is picked at random to take the role of the Zombie Master - a malevolent intelligence dominating the monsters that hunt the players. The game continues until either the Zombie Master abdicates, the humans complete their objectives, or the entire human team is killed - in which case a new Zombie Master is chosen.

Playing as a Survivor

As a survivor, your job is to complete the map objectives - these are displayed to you at the beginning of a round. Weapons are typically empty, and you can only hold one of each major type, besides pistols and melee weapons. Kill the Zombies, and avoid being killed. Players who die remain dead until the end of round, so stick together.

Playing as a Zombie Master

As a Zombie Master, your interface is much like that of any other strategy game. Move the mouse to the edges of the screen to rotate, and use your movement kets to pan the camera. The wheel of the mouse will change the altitude. Left click selects items and deselects, and right click orders Zombies about. Use the shift key to switch to free movement mode, where you can look around with the mouse for easier navigation. Press shift again to switch back to mouse cursor (RTS-)mode.

To create zombies, click on the red spheres, and choose what you want to produce.

To manipulate the environment, click a yellow sphere, and choose which action you want to take. Select "Create Trap" to place down a trigger for this environmental piece.

In the bottom left are your resources, and your total zombies in the map.

In the bottom right, a number of panels, divided into zombie states (to select between offensive, defensive, and ambush), powers (for things like creating explosions, night vision, and creating zombies in odd places), and group commands (To add zombies to a group and select them).

As a Zombie Master, all you need to do is kill the players. A disciplined group of players can defeat most things thrown directly at them, so learn to outflank them, seperate them, and draw them into traps.

There are several other keys that aren't yet covered in this guide. Check the keyboard configuration window and test things out a bit, we'll get around to adding explanations for them soon.

These instructions are currently incomplete - we'll update them from time to time.