Core Team

Nickname - Development areas

Angry_Lawyer - Coding.

Pi|Mu|Rho - Mapping.

theGreenBunny - Coding; website/forum.

Ficcy - Modelling; texturing.


DjArcas - Sound effects.

Mechagodzilla - Concept art.

Suicide42 - Concept art; writing.

Edcrab - Writing.

Marphy Black - Environment textures.

-Rusty- - Character textures.

Sinistar - Character animation.

racer445 - Weapon textures.

Contact Us

Since there is no longer any development occurring for Zombie Master, we no longer maintain any official mailbox or other means of contacting ZM. If you have something of interest, and that does not include that great mod idea you want use to make for you, your best bet is to contact us through the ZM forums.


We are not currently actively recruiting, unless you are an experienced Source programmer willing to carry further development of the mod. In which case you should feel free to contact one of the core team members.


Next to our core team, Zombie Master has a group of testers who assist in testing by participating in multiplayer test sessions and comment on game features. Before you ask: no, we already have quite enough testers.